Postscript to Trip

Well we are now home. TC (Joe the cat) is also back home.

The trip home had some excitement. We were delayed by about an hour travelling from Las Vegas to LA. On arrival in LA it took some considerable time to get to our departure gate where we needed to sort out our seating arrangements (which were resolved).

We boarded on time and were moving to take off – it then transpired that the plane had a faulty switch (the one you need if you are flying through clouds to stop the engines from freezing up) so we returned for the engineers to fix the switch – on the way back to the designated area another plane had broken down so there was a bank up of planes. We eventually got back had the switch repaired and were then told that the switch needed to stay on the whole time (couldn’t fix it completely) so in order to keep the switch on the plane required more fuel which in turn meant that some of the freight need to be unloaded in order to compensate for the extra fuel (these calculations had to be verified in Hong Kong). So we were late in departing by about 3 hours.

The flight was uneventful (a good thing) and about 3 hours from home we were advised that our luggage was in the freight left behind (about 75 passengers were in this position). They advised that it would arrive the next day and be sent out to us – so that is OK. We thought we would get straight through customs (no bags) but we advised that one of our bags had made it. We didn’t find it so hopefully it is with the other 2!  We will find out.

So that now concludes our very excellent adventure. Again thank you for coming along and  I will leave you with this video clip from the Grand Canyon.

Bye for now. Wendy and Norm.

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4 Responses to Postscript to Trip

  1. Helen says:

    welcome back Wendy, thanks for a ‘great trip’ thoroughly enjoyed. Regards Helen

  2. Holly says:

    Have enjoyed hearing about your fabulous holiday Wendy, hope your reintegration back into normal life isn’t too painful! See you soon.

    • walewis says:

      Dear Holly – Funny in some ways I feel as if I haven’t been away but in other ways it seems we have done so much that I am already beginning to forget what we did! I am glad I kept the blog.
      Hope all is well with you. See you soon. Wendy

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