Day 36 Gainesville

Well these last few days have been very relaxing. I have had limited internet access so I have been slow in making posts to my blog (sorry about that!). I am now back online and able to update you on where we are at.

Today is our last day with Bob in Gainesville. It has been a wonderful opportunity to catch up and fill in the blanks of the last 6 years.

As I may have mentioned Gainesville is best know as the home of the University of Florida. The Haile Plantation where Bob lives is actually a subdivided plantation with around 10,000 homes built on it. The homes are set in a rural style environment and is managed though a body corporate arrangement. There are strict restrictions on development and the type and style of houses that can be built.

We finished today with dinner at the local (village) pub which is trying to base itself on a UK Pub. It is called the Queen’s Arms. The meal was very good and it was a great way to finish off the day.

Tomorrow we leave Bob and move to the final leg of our trip (it has certainly gone quickly).

Will fill you in on that later. W

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