Day 33 Miami

We have finally found something that has slowed us down (apart from poor Internet speed!) – humidity.

Have spent a slow day – went walking at lunchtime but decided to return to the Hotel in the afternoon.

I have decided to have a massage and relax. Will look to do something late this evening (when it cools down). We are travelling to Gainsville tomorrow to catch up with our friend Bob.

I have not taken any photos at this stage today (may take some later tonight. So a brief post as we take refuge from the heat. Will sign in tomorrow. W

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2 Responses to Day 33 Miami

  1. Robinette says:

    Hi Wendy (and Norm), It sounds like you continue to have a great time, despite being a little slowed down by the humidity. Just means you take it a bit slower. I can relate to the cyclone warnings, only I was caught in one in Miami and hunkered down for 72hrs, trapped in the house of a friend. We were suppose to evaculate but she had two cats and they had to stay, so we stayed. Apart from the rain the noise of the wind was unbelievable and it caused havoc and enormous damange. I spent a long time sitting next to the car fridge and slightly drunk so as to laugh through the fear!
    Your commentary and photos have been wonderful and I am looking forward to some of the stories which have been abridged. Continue to enjoy. Travel well and safely,

    • walewis says:

      Dear Robinette I remember you telling me that story. I am glad we did not need to go through that! The humidity in Gainesville is high as well. We have just come back from an early morning walk and I am drenched.
      Can you believe it we will be home in less than a week! The time has really flown. Last stop Las Vegas where we head tomorrow. One last day with our friend today.

      There is still more to do – Grand Canyon etc so still more to write. See you in a week! W

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