Day 32 Miami

Well today was an early start – the tour company collected us at 6:45am to begin our trip to Key West which is about 160 miles from Miami. The whole day was expected to last around 14 hours.

Andyes it was going to be humid again (my body does not cope overly well with this weather but I am sure over time it would acclimatise). Anyway we stocked up on water (which has been a staple for me for the whole trip – and something that I normally don’t drink enough of) and off we went. There were about 50+ ;eople in the group.

It took around 3 hours to rach Key West. We travelled over 42 bridges (including the 7 mile bridge) and went through places like Key Largo and a number of different Keys. There are approximately 1700 Keys (another word for islands) that make up the Florida Keys – not all of the Keys are inhabited (some are tiny). There are some that are privately owned but many are uninhabited.

Key West is at the southern tip of the Florida Keys and is 90 miles from Cuba.

We had decided to takea ride on a glass-bottom boat but when we arrived all of the activities had been cancelled due to poor visibility (caused by the aftermath of the storm). We also noticed that there were very few people around – again caused by the storms so nothing much was operating. We took a tour around the town and had a late lunch at a fantastic seafood restaurant.

The humidity was almost overwhelming but we still managed to walk around and check out some of the sites including Jimmy Buffett’s bar and shop (Norm is a Jimmy Buffett fan – country and western music).

We were back on the bus at 6:00pm and arrived back in Miami at about 9:30pm. A long day – hence the lag in putting this post up!)

Tomorrow is a rest day before we leave on Friday to visit our friend Bob. More tomorrow. W  (I will put some photos up later).

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