Day 31 Miami

The weather has cleared in Miami but it is getting worse in New Orleans – Norm has just told me that 23,000 people have been evacuated from the area and the cyclone is now currently passing over southeastern Louisiana.

Today we took a tour of the everglades. It took about an hour to travel to where we were to take the tour in the hovercrafts.  It was a fantastic experience (we didn’t see any alligators though). We were in a nature park and saw a number of alligators and crocodiles and how they should be handled.

The humidity is very high and makes walking around an effort. When we returned from the tour we had a short rest and then headed to the main shopping strip to get some supplies.

It was cooler in the shops so we looked around in some of them and then found a very nice Italian cafe (there are a lot of Italian restaurants in this area).

We then took a stroll long the beach

Two observations – 1. a lot of people seem to smoke here; and 2. a lot more people chew gum (both in the US and Canada).

On that note I will sign off – we are doing an all day tour of Key West tomorrow so I will sign off now. More tomorrow. W

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