Day 29 New Orleans

We started off the day by heading towards the Mississippi River (via some of the streets in the French Quarter).  It was a lovely day warm (and still humid – but I am getting used to it slowly) and everything was calm and quiet in the streets. (New Orleans is colourful, vibrant and noisy).

We thought we would take a ride on a paddle steamer along the Mississippi. When we got there we decided to take the evening trip – so we booked this and decided to explore the city further.

We visited the St Louis King of France Cathedral and Basilica – beautiful Church. The Church is concerned about the war that New Orleans is currently fighting and compares it to the war of 1812 – which was fought against the British along the American east coast over 3 years – the battle in New Orleans was in 1815. Poor communication meant different parts of the country did not know when the war commenced – apparently. The current war being referred to was the one on violence, murder and racism – this seems to be a big problem here and something that many people are concerned about.

From there we made our way to Cafe du Monde to have beignets (french donuts). We were told that this is something we must do. The cafe is opened 24/7 and only sells drinks and beignets. They come warm with 3 to a serving and smothered in icing sugar (and I mean smothered – the whole plate is filled with icing sugar about 1cm deep and the beignets are smothered as well). You should see the cafe and all of the icing sugar on the tables, the floor and people covered in it! ….and yes they were worth having!

We found a couple of wacky shops (Voodoo etc) and spent time in some art galleries in Royal Street.

We went back to the Hotel to freshen up and check up on  Tropical Storm Isaac. Norm has been tracking the weather and listening to all the reports. It is currently causing issues in Miami but is moving into the the Gulf of Mexico.  There are channels dedicated to this issue and authorities are now issuing mandatory evacuations in some areas. Where it will hit is the creating the most discussion and all of the modelling is unable to predict this at this stage.

Currently the weather is still clear and humid.

We took the evening tour aboard the paddle steamer the Nachez on the Mississippi River. It was a great night for it.

We have decided to leave for the airport early tomorrow morning in case there is a rush to get out of the City. Our flight is still on time so we will see what happens. The current predictions are that the cyclone will hit the New Orleans area on either Tuesday or Wednesday. The concern with this event is that it will be 7 years (on Tuesday) since cyclone Katrina hit here so everyone is concerned but they also  believe that they have improved procedures and protection in place to deal with this situation. We will keep watching to see how this unfolds.  Talk soon. W

Highlights from the day

The photos show some new friends we made and I have the beignets in front of me in the bottom right hand corner!

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