Day 27 Washington

Today was spent with Ceri and Allen (who had both taken time off work to spend the day with us). We went to Baltimore and spent some time looking round. We talked so much during the trip down we almost missed the turnoff to Baltimore!

We lunched in Italian cafe and then visited Fort Henry (where the National Anthem – The Star Spangled Banner) was written during the war of 1812 (but at the battle which occurred in Baltimore in 1814).

It was a very hot and humid day but a great chance to look around Baltimore and generally catch up on lots to things and find out new things.

After a great day we finished up by going to a lovely restaurant.  We really enjoyed catching up with Ceri and Allen and for their time and effort to make sure we had a great visit! They have promised to visit us within the next 2 years (the presure is now on!!)

I was about to post this update this morning but I had to board the plane for New Orleans so here it is now. An update on today’s activities will follow. W

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