Day 26 Washington

Today we visited the Capitol Building. We had pre-booked this tour prior to coming to the US and it was set for 9:00am and naturally you needed to be there early (like 45 minutes) which meant another early start and it was promising to be a hot day (around 30 degrees) and humid!

We decided to catch a cab to the building and take our time getting back to the Hotel. The taxi driver was great – He had come from Africa 10 years ago but was right into Washington and the political scene and kept us entertained until we arrived at our destination.

The tour of the Capitol Building was great – so much to see (but not enough time to see everything you wanted to see – or photograph).  I think I got some good shots which depict the building. Our Tour Guide recounted her story of 911 – being evacuated from the building along with members of a British delegation and just running from the building.  She turned to take a look at the building and noticed the Pentagon and that it had been hit. Her husband worked there but was not in the office that day. Where the plane hit was where her husband’s office was. She told us this story after apologising  to us about the security sreening but used the story to illustrate why it was necessary. The interesting thing was that I had anticipated needing photo ID to get into the building (as this has been needed in a few instances to date) but it wasn’t necessary for this tour.

After the tour we decided to visit the Library of Congress – which you access via a tunnel. While you could not go into the actual library you could view it and see some mini displays. The displays that were available at this time were on George and Ira Gershwin and Bob Hope – and some of the displays and information available was wonderful.

From there we went back to the Capitol Building and then went to look at some of surrounding buildings.

From there we decided to walk back to through the City to the Hotel (This took around 3.5 hours to do). We visited the Smithsonian Museum on the Native Americans as well as the Botanical Gardens.

By this time the weather was getting very humid but we pressed on and reached the George Washington monument. Last time we visited Washington we had a slight issue with the Secret  Service police as the President was returning to the White House and the area we were in needed to be cleared immediately. Well a similar incident occurred again. Roads were blocked and police everywhere – this the President (we assume) was leaving the White House and the entourage was huge – at least  10 motorcycles, 10 police cars, about 6 secret service cars + the Presidential vehicle and an ambulance and police helicopter! So that was a bit of excitement.

We finally got back to the Hotel had time to clean up – did some shopping and then set off (on foot) to visit our friends for dinner.  Ceri and Allen have a lovely house in Washington (which they moved into in the last 12 months). We met Alice and John who work with Ceri (and are Australians) and we had a lovely time talking on many and varied topics.

So all in all a very interesting day; am looking forward to what tomorrow has in store!

As an aside Norm has been monitoring the weather and there seems to be storms brewing down South. The papers are also getting into the act predicting that people are becoming complacent about cyclones. So at this stage I am alert (but not alarmed).  Will keep you posted! Bye for now. W

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4 Responses to Day 26 Washington

  1. Kerrie Morton says:

    Hi Wendy, Yes I am one of the people that only read your blog every three or four day from home at night, It has been over a week this time as Vince & I have just go back from Perth where we watch to Tigers loss to Freo.
    We had a couple of lovely sunny days then as we moved south to Margaret River the rain set in.

    A couple a days back at work and then off to the ‘G’ for Friday night football Richmond verses Essendon. I guess you would have heard the result. Bye bye finals for both of us.

    Cheers Kerrie.

    • walewis says:

      Dear Kerrie Just sitting in Reagan International Airport as we make our way to New Orleans. Norm just checked the scores and told me the results. Obviously Essendon has taken a tumble since the start of the year and North has improved (so Norm is happy!). Anyway I am glad you had a nice time in Perth – hope you checked out the wineries at Margaret River! Cheers Wendy

      • Kerrie Morton says:

        Hi Wendy, Yes we checked out a couple of wineries and shipped a dozen bottle of wine home from a family owned place that only sell direct from the cellar door. We also visited the caves, walked around the lighthouse at Cape Leeuwin and walked to 1.8 km pier at Busselton. Anna and her husband had planned to meet us for a meal in Margaret River but when I sent a message saying it was cold and rainy and the forecast was not getting better they decided to head north from Perth to warmer weather. (they hoped)
        Have a great time and keep the pictures coming. See you when you get back.

      • walewis says:

        Dear Kerrie sounds great, I am in an airport again en route to Miami. We are currently skirting around a tropical storm that is due to be recatagorised to a level 1 or 2 cyclone. So this is different. More about this on the blog. Will see you in 2 weeks! Wendy.

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