Day 25 Washington

Today saw us up early to pack and make our way to Penn Station to catch the Amtrak Train to Washington. In my enthusiasm I had suggested we walk to the Station which was about 17 blocks from our Hotel. I always forget the weight of my backpack! Anyway we made it there (I was a bit hot and bothered and it was so hot in the subway!). As we were early I had time to cool down before the grain was due to depart.

The train trip is comfortable and takes around 2.75 hours. Union Station is currently being renovated but is how we remembered it. AA quick bite to eat and then we were off to find the Hotel. The Hotel is near Du Pont Circle (which is a very nice part of Washington).

We took some time to reorganise ourselves and then we were off to catch up with our friend Ceri. We met at a really nice restaurant called Agora (Mediterranean style) and talked non-stop for almost 4 hours).

We will be catching up over the next 2 days as well as doing some sightseeing and generally enjoying the Capital of the USA. As I write this the media is focusing on the lack of a balanced coverage of the upcoming electoral campaign. I expect there will be more of this to come!

Will report in again tomorrow. W

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2 Responses to Day 25 Washington

  1. Daryl says:

    Hi Norm & Wendy, sounds like your having a fabulous time, and yes , I am one of those who only read it occasionally , but read back to where you were last time I looked. Been very busy here, but it’s that time of the year.



    • walewis says:

      Dear Daryl Glad to hear from you and happy that you are checking out the blog when you can. Hope you are not working too hard. Norm will have lots of stories to tell when we get home! We are having a great time.
      Love to everyone. Wendy

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