Day 22 New York

Today was the day to reacquaint ourselves with New York. We decided to take the Hop on Hop off  bus to cover downtown, uptown and Brooklyn. I must say this really kept us going it is now about 10:00pm and we have only been back here for about half an hour.

We decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and do some of the tour on foot but we certainly saw some other parts of the city we did not see 2 years ago.

The weather has threatened rain (but we have been lucky so far) but it is certainly humid.

I look heaps of photos again today and it is difficult to know what to put up but here are a few of the places we saw today. Cheers. W

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2 Responses to Day 22 New York

  1. Robinette says:

    Hi Wendy, Thank you for your wonderful commentary. It has been terrific seeing and reading the posts, particularly of areas in which we travelled this time last year. It brings it all back. I am sorry I have not been a regular reader … the CEO is away and I have been busy … Only joking, all is going well and although we miss you we are glad you are having such a great holiday. Sorry also about your team, just remember there is always next year. That said by a ardent Hawks supporter you’ll note.
    A couple of questions though. Did you buy a new Apple in that amazing store? As you seemed to be getting into the bike riding, did you ride around Central Park? That too is a fun thing to do.
    Anyway, continue enjoying the trip. Cheers from here Robinette

    • walewis says:

      Dear Robinette I hope you are not too busy! It is a great trip and so much to do. It is about 8:30am on Tuesday and our last day in New York so a ride around Central Park is a great suggestion. It is going to be a beautiful day here about 28 degrees so what better activity. I am glad things are OK back at the office – I have been thinking a bit while away so I might have some questions for everyone when I return. I will keep posting. Bye for now. Wendy.

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