Day 21 Quebec to New York

Well we are at the halfway mark (3 weeks down; 3 weeks to go). Didn’t do much today other than travel. I didn’t even take a photo!

We left lovely Quebec this morning and made our way to the airport. The Quebec International airport is very relaxed and lay back (for an airport). Not many planes fly out from here mind you so it can afford to be lay back. The plan left early and arrived in New York about 30 minutes early (another surprise!). We obviously looked suspicious as we were checked at Newark but even that was a speedy process so it was then out to find our way to our Hotel.

The taxi driver was great and maneuvered his way through the traffic and got us to the Hotel  very easily. We are staying right in Times Square on Broadway. The Hotel is called W Times Square and is a very different Hotel (compared to all of the other ones we have stayed in to date. Once we got into the building – the Lobby is on the 7th Floor. The people who pointed us in the right direction called the Hotel very Hip (not a word that you would associate with Norm and myself!!!). And let me tell you it is exactly that; with  a disco and bar in the lobby – and some very trendy young people managing anything (I was looking at one of the some of the young men who just sort of look at you and smile (and I am sure they are thinking what on earth are you doing here?).

Anyway the room is very modern but very nice and on the 27th Floor (here are 57 Floors in the Hotel) and overlooking Times Square in one direction and a view to  the Hudson River from the other window.

We took a walk to orientate ourselves, had dinner and then got ready to see the play The Best Man (written by Gore Vidal). It is a play based on a Presidential pre-selection in the 1960’s.  It was great – it starred James Earl Jones, John Larroquette and Cybill Sheppard. It certainly was an appropriate play given the upcoming Presidential election in November.

I was slack and did not do this commentary yesterday and so am now going to do  2 tonight. So am signing off now. W

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