Day 20 Quebec

Today is our last day in Quebec.

We went back to the Citadel this morning to watch the changing of the Guard. It was really good. The mascot of the regiment is a goat and the goat is part of the formalities (I have a photo or two of the goat). The reason the goat is the mascot is they are territorial and fight to the death. I believe a few army regiments in different countries also have a goat as their mascot. The motto of the regiment is Je Me Souviens (I  remember). For the regiment it means I remember fallen soldiers – it is also the motto for Quebec and this interpretation is I remember my heritage, traditions and the past

We were then fortunate to have the opportunity to look at through the Governor-General’s house in the grounds of the Citadel. The Governor- General also has a house in Ottawa (the capital of Canada’s). We were not able to take photos inside the residence but let me say it was beautiful. As with many places in Canada and the US a wing of the residence burnt down in the 1990’s (I think) as the entrance to the Citadel (which was originally built to be narrow to limit the number of people who can get through at any time) was too narrow for fire engines to get through and so the building was burnt to the ground. As a result there are 2 parts to the building one in the old style and one in a new style. There is a ballroom, reception areas, magnificent art works and the designs though they are very different (the original part was built in the 1800’s) they work well together.

After the tour we stopped for lunch and then set off to walk a perimeter of Quebec which took in both old and new Quebec. It took us about 3 hours to do this hike and it certainly highlighted the differences between the 2 areas.

After a short rest we are now off to have a final look around some of the shops and then to find somewhere nice for dinner.

Tomorrow we are off to New York at around lunchtime so expect to be there about 2:30pm and we have tickets to a play tomorrow night on Broadway.

So it is Au revoir from Quebec. For anyone thinking about coming here it is certainly worth a visit. (I think I might take some French lessons when I get home in preparation for further travels to French speaking countries!!).  Bye. W.

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I am going to put in a bit of video from the changing of the Guard (it goes a bit wonky at the end as I was being attacked by a wasp! but a part from that I think this is OK.

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2 Responses to Day 20 Quebec

  1. Helen Sully says:

    Still enjoying it all WENDY , VERY MUCH SO . regards Helen

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