Day 19 Quebec

Bonjour (again).

Well I have been checking the statistics for the blog and they are dwindling – obviously I am not being entertaining enough!!!!  I will obviously need to work on this – I have had days when 55 people have signed in to view what is going on and others when only a few have looked. I assume many of you are looking every few days and reading a number of days at once.

I suppose it is all bit irritating to those who are stuck at their desks as well. I can fully appreciate this too.

Anyway another lovely day in Quebec! We really love this place. We spent the day doing our own tours. Of the Citadel – home of the 22nd Canadian Regiment which was built by the British to keep the Americans out).

We also visited Parliament House (another lovely building). There are 10 Provinces (equivalent to our States) in Canada.  A Commonwealth country with similar Parliamentary system to us – all of the Provinces have removed the Upper House from their governance system. Interesting.

In addition to the above we walked around town explored Chateau Fromtenac and some more wonderful streets and cafes. We had the most divine strawberry crepes for breakfast!

I indulged in a massage this evening which was very relaxing!!

We then found a very nice Italian restaurant called Portofino (we were  feeling a little homesick for Lygon Street).  Great food.

The weather has been overcast but mild (it had been really hot last week (as we had experienced in other parts of the country but we are finding the weather very pleasant.

We are able to indulge ourselves as we have another day here tomorrow so we are looking forward to some more sightseeing (and food, s’il vous plaz!).  I think that is how you spell it.

Bon soir. W.

I am not able to upload photos of today’s  activities – will look into this in the morning.

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2 Responses to Day 19 Quebec

  1. Jane Pennington says:

    Hi Wendy and Norm Don’t be discouraged – we are reading your blog but you are right, reading a few days at a time rather than every day!!! Sounds and looks brilliant. I am envious. Keep enjoying. All good wishes Jane Pennington

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