Day 18 Quebec

Bonjour.  Bienvenue Quebec.

Well what can I say? It is as everyone has said – and it has not disappointed. Our Hotel is the Maison Victoria on the Cote du Palais in Old Quebec. Quebec  was founded in 1608 and is a walled city. It is absolutely beautiful with winding cobbled streets, lamp posts with hanging flower baskets and a myriad of shops,cafes and restaurants.

The architecture is beautiful and the scenery glorious. My French was never very good (even though I studied it for 5 years at school) but I can understand the odd word/phrase here and there and most people have some understanding of English (or Australian as Norm says).

We spent the day touring around. First was a tour of the City – its buildings, shops and some of its history.

Later we toured to the countryside and saw the Montmorency waterfall, the Church of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre and the  Island of Orleans which is just off Quebec. We got back to the Hotel at about 8:00pm, had a lovely meal and then went for a walk to the Chateau Frontenac where there was a fireworks display for the tourists. It was a great way to end the day.

Tomorrow we will be doing some exploring on our own – so who knows what we will find!

Bon soir. W

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