Day 17 Toronto

Today was a slow day.  We spent time both last night and this morning looking over the Hotel (another Fairmont Hotel). What an amazing place – it has around 1300 rooms and was used for the 2010 G20 Summit. This place is huge with Ballrooms, Concert Halls, many smaller rooms and just an overwhelming sense of grandeur. (I will put some photos up later on).

We went to Toronto’s version of Rodeo Drive in Beverley Hills. After taking an hour to walk to this area it started to rain (and it set in) so we opted to catch the bus back to the Hotel. Once back we dried out and travelled out to the airport. It is now 7:00pm and our plane is due to board in 10 minutes as we travel to  Quebec (from what we have heard from everyone we have spoken to – Quebec promises to be well worth a visit.

(BTW I hope the video I put up from Niagara did not have any expletives in it – it was rather wet and wild at the foot of the falls so am not sure what I was saying at the time!).

Also as I have said earlier if you want to leave a comment leave it on the post you are viewing and I will post it on that day (unless you say that you don’t want it posted) with a comment back from me.

The plane has just arrived so I am closing down now. Will be back up tomorrow with more comments. W

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