Day 16 Toronto

After breakfast we  were ready to begin our bus trip to Toronto. It is only 1.5 hours to Toronto from Niagara by bus so we arrived before lunch. We checked in and decided to orientate ourselves with the scenic tour around the city. The weather forecast was for storms so we thought we should get this overview done before it started.

We need not have worried – it was very sunny and warm. After this tour we decided to take a cruise on their harbour out to the islands just off the mainland. The islands have been developed on reclaimed land as has the shoreline on the edge of the city. They are developing this area with lots of condominiums (units) much like our docklands. We were told that there are 60 new people moving to Toronto each day  (0r around 22,000 people per annul). There is lots of development occurring within the city.

We are planning a slow day tomorrow – we don’t leave until late tomorrow when we will move on to Quebec (and we will be here for 4 nights).

That is all for now. Will report in tomorrow. W

Some photos from Niagara last night and Toronto today.

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