Day 15 Niagara

Today we started early. After breakfast we booked a tour of Niagara which included a number of different things including the Maid of the Mist tour  where you go on a boat into the Canadian waterfall (the horseshoe shaped one) and experience being in the middle of it – let me tell you it is wet (regardless of the poncho!).

We toured behind the waterfall as well as experiencing being up close to it. We visited a few lookouts and other attractions including a butterfly conservatory and we finished with a 20 minute film which had us in ponchos again to experience being in the falls (snow, water and a moving and shacking floor – all added to the realism. The weather was overcast (it rained at the end of the tour) but when the sun came out it was hot and humid.

I too lots of photos (again) and also took some video which I will put up.

On another note – I am not going to go into what has been said on this blog on the general commentary on the political and social scene in both Canada and the USA but the people we have spoken to certainly have some strong views about their respective countries and where they see them headed. Something to talk about when we get home (we still have 4 weeks to collect more views and make it a representative sample!!!).

Hope everyone is well (and yes I do know the results of the football so no need to update me – thank you – go Bombers!!).

We are off on the bus tomorrow morning to Toronto. See you then. W

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A few shots from today.

At the foot of the Falls


Leaving the Falls



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