Day 12 Calgary to Chicago

Well let me start by saying I had been spelling Banff incorrectly. I had been typing Bamff -this is incorrect – it should be Banff (it is a Scottish word) and this is the correct spelling and I have altered it In the previous posts.Now that I have cleared that up we can move on.

Today was a late check out from Calgary as we moved on to Chicago. In the morning we went up in the Observation Tower to get a 360 degree view of the city. The tower  is 525 feet tall and has one of those glass walkout areas – I am not really good with heights but I did go out on it and Norm took a photo too – I will include it on another occasion.

After that we took a stroll around town and checked out some of the buildings. We did get to walk through the newest building in Calgary – it is due to open next Monday and is the new home of the energy company Cenovus. The workman were still working on it and security were  on hand to make sure no photos were being taken.They allowed people to walk through to ensure that the building would function when all of the employees moved in next week – things like linking to other buildings to get  coffee and lunch etc. We were given a brief run down on the building by one of the engineers who happened to walking through as we were.

From there we walked around Chinatown (it is amazing how many cities have a Chinatown or Little Italy etc. Anyway Chinatown in Calgary is significant – it had its own school and hotels and lots of restaurants.

We also checked out a shopping plaza in the city.

We then decided to head to the airport (it was easier than filling in a small amount of time after checking out. I really must try and deter Norm from chatting to taxi drivers! They really get distracted and don’t concentrate on driving – this was the second one since we have been here that gave us as big a thrill as going on a roller coaster! ( Now that I think about it the last time we were in the USA the same thing happened).

Anyway we made it to the airport in record time and in one piece. and the process was hassle free. The plane was delayed 15mins but we made the time up and arrived at 8:15pm.

We have checked in and settled in and have planned some of the things that we will do tomorrow including a tour of the City using the hop on hop off buses and a river cruise of some of the architectural structures of the city.

Not many photos of today  but I did want to put this one of Norm up from yesterday in the Helicopter.

Will report in tomorrow.  Bye. W

Norm ready to take control of the helicopter if required.

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