Day 10 Lake Louise to Banff

It really is an amazing trip we are on. This morning we had a leisurely start as we did not leave the Chateau Lake Louise until 2:00pm. We got up at 7:00am, packed up, had breakfast and decided to take a walk around the Lake (or part of it at least). We took around 2 hours and got some great photos as well as catching up with a number of different people along the way.

One of the things we have taken to doing is asking people if they would like us to take family photos – you know when someone has to take the photo but you would really like them in it? Anyway it seems to get a good reaction and people are always willing to reciprocate. We have only had one awkward moment – when we were on the glacier Norm offered to  take a photo of a couple but it transpired the guy had offered to take a photo of a woman and his wife was in the bus so he declined the offer! All other offers have been gratefully received.

After our walk we checked out and waited to link up with our group. Interesting lot – we have linked in with a couple from WA who are travelling around Canada for 8 weeks.

We visited Emerald Lake (the colour of the lake is a shade of green), a natural bridge which has rapids running through it and the spiral tunnels which are train lines cut through a mountain  to enable the trains to link British Columbia and Alberta.

After that we arrived at the Fairmont Banff Springs. Well this Hotel is in the same vain as Chateau Lake Louise. It is larger and is almost a small city within a Hotel – shops, many restaurants and cafes, swimming, horse riding, golf etc etc.

Here are some photos from today’s exploits. Tomorrow we finish this part of the trip in Calgary. After that we are on our own and off on the next stage. But before that tomorrow has lots happening so stay tuned!  Wendy

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