Day 8 Jasper

Just when you think it can’t get any better – it does! Today we did a half day tour around Jasper in the morning. We went to Pyramid Lake, Patricia Lake and Maligne Canyon. The lakes are reflective and  I managed to take some photos that provided great examples of the reflective nature of the lakes.

Along the way we got to see a black bear on the side of the road and I managed to get some photos of it.

The tour concluded in the town of Jasper where we had lunch and walked around to check out the sites. When we returned we went to check out the horses (they have trail rides in the park. As it happened one was a about to commence – so I signed up for it. Norm is not too crazy about horses so opted to take some photos and have some time out from me! There were about 15 people on the ride and 3 single married women (those who opted to go on their own so Miriam, Glenys and I rode together at the end of the line. Now it has been about 10+ years since I have been on a horse and I definitely had trouble getting on (which Norm managed to capture in the photos but once up I was fine – mind you I certainly began to feel a stretch in my knees and inner thighs not long before the end of the ride which went for about 1.5 hours). It was great and the horse I was on (named Coal) was very accommodating!

After that we decided to go kayaking on the lake at the lodge again a lovely experience – mind you I did have trouble making sure we were going in the same direction (I think we were both trying to steer!!).

Well again it is around 10:00pm and just getting dark. We are packed and ready for our next adventure tomorrow. We are off to Lake Louise and an experience with a glacier.

I am having problems keeping up with what are doing. I hope you are coping. Bye for now. W.

The first 2 photos were taken at Pyramid Lake

A variety of photos- look closely at the hoorse ones – you will see me struggling to get on! Also Norm was just looking at he Harley!

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