Day 6 Vancouver to Kamloops

Well today did not disappoint! The scenery was wonderful (both lush and dry). We left at around 8:00am and arrived in Kamloops at 5:30pm. The weather is beautiful – very warm.

The train is fantastic we have a domed glass roof so you get spectacular views – there is also an opportunity to stand on the vestibule (an outdoor area on the lower area) to take photos. The dining is a la carte (very swish!) so we are not starving.

These photos were taken before lunch – I am accumulating 100’s!

It is around 9:00pm local time and Norm has just advised that it is currently 29 degrees C. (it is just getting dark now too).

We just spent the last 1.5 hours in the local park listening to a group playing Latino music. It is the start of a long weekend here so lots of people came out to sit in the park and listen to the music.

With the Kamloops Mounted Patrol

Latino Concert in Kamloops

We start again at 7:30 am tomorrow so am signing off now. W

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