Day 4 Vancouver

Well the day started early and was met with a very hassle free trip to the airport. The driver was great and was a wealth of information (as they usually are). This di=river was much better than the one we had coming from San Francisco airport – he was one of these drivers who liked to turn around and look at you but unfortunately the wheel turned too which caused a few swerves to occur and a reduced conversation.

Anyway back to today – the check in was simple too so we had plenty of time and yes you guessed it – the plane was delayed 2.5 hours. A number of passengers were desperate to link to other tours etc. but eventually we departed San Francisco and head to Vancouver (a 2.25 hour flight). We left the airport around 2:00pm and made our way to the hotel – I messed this up as the Hotel had been changed and I didn’t have the details (and as officer-in-charge of passports, transport tickets and accommodation – well need I say more!! The situation was recovered and we arrived settled in and went off to explore the City ending up at the Port.

Again the weather is lovely – mild to warm. We explored  some of the City and returned to the Hotel to Hotel to freshen up and went to a lovely restaurant for dinner in the city called Don Francesco then a slow stroll back to the Hotel  only to find that I could not get an internet connection. So I have put this snapshot of the day together and hope to put it up in the morning.

We are planning another bike ride around the outskirts of the city tomorrow (we seem to have developed a taste for this tourist approach to getting around – isn’t it interesting that you don’t tend to do these things where you live? Well I certainly don’t. Anyway hopefully this goes up early and Day 5 will follow later tomorrow!

Cheers W

Hey Daryl & Darren – the sign on the bus says………

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2 Responses to Day 4 Vancouver

  1. bigkev1 says:

    Enjoying your description of your trip. Sounds as if you are having a good time. No doubt one of you is very happy about footy results, the other not. GO Pies.
    Regards Big Kev

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