Day 3 More San Francisco

Today we started off with a ride on the cable car. Fortunately we were a short walk from where the cable car turned around so we went early and travelled into the city centre. Once there we connected iPads and phones to the local network and then walked around town.

It was warm again today – yesterday we both managed to get a touch of sunburn – I got burnt on the back of my hands – so this must have come from the bike riding!!   I  am pleased though  that my vitamin D intake is on the improve (as I was recently diagnosed with a very low vitamin D count (either you should get sun or you shouldn’t – my skin is sensitive so I avoid sun only to be told that I need more! – one day I will get the balance right). Anyway we were both conscious not to get too much sun today.

We walked most of the day – and tackled some of those really steep hills on foot!

I am also pleased to report that Norm’s medication is starting to kick in – he is taking his usual interrogation of the locals a little more slowly than normal so this means that we are not upsetting everyone we meet – yet!! (I am only including myself in the “we” as I am associated by default – I am always pleasant!)

Here are a few photos from the day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tomorrow we have an early start as we head to Vancouver in preparation for our 6 day train trip to Calgary. It is about 9:30pm and we are packed and ready to go as we need at be at the airport at around 5:00am!

More fun tomorrow.

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