The Countdown is On

This time I have not done the countdown – it has simply been too manic. So now the countdown is on. We have just returned from watching Hawthorn demolish my beloved Bombers. We return on the weekend of the first elimination final round (I am still hopeful that we will be there – but time will tell).

Norm has been giving out the web address for this blog to all and sundry so I am not sure who will be watching this trip so obviously I will need to mind my p’s and q’s. Also be aware that I do waffle on a bit – I will try and contain this. So to everyone who is on board – welcome – it is great to have come along with us.

For those of you who know us well you may appreciate this little aside. A few weeks ago I mentioned to Norm that we will be spending quality time together – 42 days 24/7. Now there is a thought! That is 1,008 hours or 60,480 minutes (not that I am counting mind you). As I have said to him – he will have my smiling face around for this whole time. He has informed me that he has the appropriate medication packed for the trip (I suppose that means therefore that I won’t need to take any with me – as he will be sedated!!).

As you can see we are off to a flying start!

Stay tuned as the adventure begins – it officially starts at 9:00am on Sunday.

Cheers Wendy

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